• May 30, 2024

Hateful Omar Attempting To Sabotage Trump!

It would seem that there are so many people out there that are turning their backs on Donald Trump that you have to wonder how many of these people were ever true supporters at all.

Necause of this there are people that are being allowed to walk right in and insult Donald Trump with complete confidence that nobody is going to do anything to them.

On would think that the Democrats would one day realize that their protection racket (yea ‘proJECTION, not their PROTECTION racket) is becoming a little too obvious.

This is not the first phone call of Trump’s that the … other side …. has leaked to the media and an attempt to drag Trump down and out of office.

In my estimation, there is one constant, each time the Dems are just projecting their own crimes onto the president.  All we want is an audit of the election because we have a hard time believing that Biden got millions more votes than Barack Obama ever did.

Yes, I will concede that there are a lot of people that were voting AGAINST Trump in the 2020 election.  However, not liking a one candidate is not enough to get the most votes in the history of the country IMHO.

For that one would need a dynamic, populist Present … like … well, you know who.  Call me crazy, but it is just my opinion, and apparently that of many others that we need to audit this election’s results.

We have a dozen or so US Senators who agree with us here.  All we want is a look, if everything is in order, we will be happy to apologize for being wrong and move on to begin working to win back the House in 2022 and the White House in 2024.

However, don’t look now but the goon squads are coming for Trump yet again, all based on another ‘perfect phone call.’

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