• July 21, 2024

He Refused To Get Off The Bus, After He Was FORCED Off Something HORRIBLE Happened….

A bully attacked a victim on a school bus in Oklahoma, and the entire abusive incident was captured on video, which has prompted police to launch an investigation. As soon as police began investigating, they discovered a disturbing truth about the bully and what happened before the attack.

In the video, the victim was shown crying and pleading with the bus driver to let him off the bus to avoid the bully. If the bus driver had allowed the boy to leave the bus, he would not have been beaten so badly.

Another student recorded the horrific incident on the bus, and because the victim was afraid of his bully, he begged the driver to have mercy on him and let him off the bus. The driver refused to listen and instead yelled and shouted at the boy.

When the victim finally got off the bus, the bully followed him and attacked him. Despite the victim’s pleas for help, the bus driver did nothing to protect him and instead put him in a vulnerable position.

The video footage was alarming to the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office, with Major Rod Howell saying, “The video is alarming itself, and obviously, it’s enough to start an investigation.” The police want to determine if the bus driver should be held responsible for the incident, as well as the bully.

To aid in their investigation, the police plan to use footage from three different camera angles, including two cameras on the bus and one from a witness. Although the school district has cooperated, the police have not yet received all the information they need.

The Locust Grove Public Schools issued a statement about the violent incident:

“Locust Grove Public Schools had an incident take place on January 17th on one of our school buses involving two students. The incident was turned over to law enforcement, and the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a complete investigation. The students’ and bus driver’s actions have been addressed internally.”

The school district has not commented on whether the bus driver will remain employed and working with children. This incident is a disturbing reminder of the prevalence of bullying in schools and the importance of taking action to prevent such abuse from occurring.

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM



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