• July 21, 2024

He Refused To Move From His Seat, Then The Airline Did Something Absolutely Sickening…

A headstrong man on a Jetstar flight found himself in hot water after he adamantly refused to return to his assigned seat. The 30-year-old passenger had changed seats in order to sit next to his friend on the Australian flight. Despite being asked to move back to his original seat, the man stubbornly resisted. As tensions escalated, authorities on the plane were forced to use a Taser on the unyielding passenger, Bolic Bet Malou. He was subsequently removed from the plane and arrested.

Following the tasing incident on the Jetstar flight, Malou had to contend with law enforcement. The 30-year-old obstinate passenger was charged with disorderly conduct, assaulting a police officer, and obstructing a public officer. His alleged abusive behavior occurred on Jetstar flight JQ977 from Perth to Melbourne, Australia, scheduled for Saturday.

Malou had initially taken a seat next to his travel companion, but the seat was not assigned to him. When asked to return to his designated seat, the situation quickly escalated. Australian Federal Police officers reported that they had to forcibly remove Malou from the flight since he refused to comply with cabin crew orders or police directives.

During the chaos, police alleged that Malou assaulted an officer and resisted arrest, as they struggled to remove him from the plane. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) issued a statement, revealing, “Police were required to deploy a taser in order to restrain and arrest the man.” As a result, three AFP officers suffered minor injuries that required treatment.

Acting Superintendent Shona Davis emphasized that unruly behavior, such as Malou’s alleged actions, will not be tolerated in Australian airports or on planes. She stated, “Simply put, we just need to treat each other the way we want to be treated – with respect and common decency.” Davis added that poor behavior on a flight can impact the travel plans of potentially hundreds of other people, which is why the AFP has no tolerance for such conduct in airports or on aircraft.

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Until the situation is resolved, Malou has been issued a no-fly order. Due to his inappropriate behavior, the other passenger traveling with Malou was also escorted off the plane. However, this individual was neither arrested nor charged in relation to the incident.

A Jetstar spokesperson reiterated the airline’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its customers and crew, stating:

“Our crew called the AFP for assistance when a customer (allegedly) became verbally and physically abusive after he repeatedly refused to follow their instructions to move to his assigned seat.” They continued, “After checking on the welfare of the remaining customers and crew onboard, the flight departed Perth approximately one hour after its scheduled departure time. We thank passengers for their patience as our crew worked with the AFP to manage the situation.”

In this regrettable incident, one man’s refusal to comply with simple instructions led to a tense and disruptive situation on the plane, affecting not only himself but also fellow passengers and crew members.

Source: AWM

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