• July 16, 2024

He Sold His House To Get Squatters To Leave, And They Violently Reacted

Entire neighborhoods in one of America’s far-left cities are being taken over by homeless people and radical Antifa terrorists – oftentimes these are one and the same – leaving homeowners unable to sell and recoup any losses.

This is what happened to a homeowner in Southeast Portland, Oregon who is now looking for a buyer who is willing to take the risk of getting the squatters off the property.

Nathan Jones, a realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, is currently trying to sell the man’s home after he left town in January and strangers moved in.

According to the KGW8 report Tuesday, the strangers squatting on his property beat Jones up when he asked them to leave.

Here’s what Jones said, according to KGW8:

“Some guys, they just basically walked into the property, took it over.”

The homeowner told KGW8 he still pays $1,500 a month for the mortgage.

The man’s neighbors are keeping their distance from the property ever since the squatters took it over, the outlet noted.

“I’ve noticed like, you know, frequent stopping of cars, people coming every 15 seconds, also police monitoring the house,” Zaki Wilson, one of his neighbors, told KGW8. “Everybody probably feels at risk or in danger with those types of people.”

Jones is looking to sell the home for $330,000 to someone willing to take on the difficult process of evicting the squatters.

“Costs money, you got to get an attorney, file all these papers and it’s like 90 days minimum … if you don’t have the financial resources you’re screwed and that’s the bottom line,” Jones said.

Sources: DailyCaller, KGW8


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