• June 15, 2024

He Was Out On Bail Less Than A Week, Then Did The Unthinkable!

This man was out on bail less than a week, but what he did while he had that time was completely terrifying, to say the least.

A sad situation is now unfolding as a man who was originally arrested for third-degree arson was released without bail and has now been arrested YET AGAIN for something far more sinister: he is now being accused of murdering two women less than a week after he was let go for the arson charge!

On October 26th, 27-year-old Luis Gabriel Ramos of Yonkers, New York, was apprehended after allegedly committing arson on a car that was near the Taconic State Parkway, according to News 12 in Westchester.

Yes, this was a charge of felony arson, and yes, there should have been bail in this case, but there wasn’t. There was even one source that told the Journal News that “felony third-degree arson charge is not bail eligible” as noted by the New York Post.

It was on a Monday in early November that police went to the home of Isabella Triano, 70, and her daughter Teisha Miller, 38, to conduct a welfare check. The request was made from a friend who hadn’t seen or heard from Miller since the preceding Friday.

Police were en route to the home on 68 Shipman Avenue, and once they arrived they discovered that the two women had been brutally murdered. There was a broken window and it appeared that the women had been stabbed to death, according to Westchester News.

Unfortunately, the crime scene was a tricky one to navigate because it became evident almost immediately that these women had a serious hoarding problem. The investigators quickly realized that they would have to don HazMat suits.

Based on the evidence, law enforcement believed that the two women had been murdered sometime around Friday evening or Saturday morning. They believed that Ramos was acquainted with the women as well.

A detective spoke to a former girlfriend of Ramos, and they quickly determined his location and arrested him. The Westchester Journal News reported that Luis confessed the crime to her.

“Ramos told (her) that he had gone to a home to confront two women who owed him money and that he had stabbed those women to death, that he was never coming back because he could not go back to jail, and that he had been driving for approximately three days,” she said.

It wasn’t long before an FBI fugitive task force apprehended Ramos in Salome, Arizona just about a hundred miles from the Mexican border. They believe that he was trying to escape to Mexico and he is now being extradited to New York. Ramos is being charged with two counts of murder for stabbing the mother and daughter to death.

“Ms. Triano-Carpio began her career in 1997 as a custodial worker at Museum Middle School and in 2005 transferred to Saunders Trades & Technical High School,” the statement read.

“This tragic passing significantly impacts the staff and students at Saunders where she spent her last 16 years. Ms. Triano-Carpio epitomized a valued employee who was conscientious about her work and was a beloved member of the school’s family. She is fondly remembered as a caring and kind individual who always ask with a smile, how are you doing and how is your family.”

Any type of reform would be too little too late for Miller and Triano.

“Two people are dead now because of these laws, and they need to be severely, severely changed,” President of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association, Keith Olson, said, News 12 Westchester reported.

Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller praised the fast response of the agencies involved in this case, calling the scene “horrific.”

“He was released on his own recognizance,” he said at a news conference. “Then fast forward a week later: We have, you know, two women that are murdered.”

“The right description of the scene is horrific. Horrific,” Mueller said, according to Patch. “And our hearts go out to the families…

“In the Yonkers Police Department, we are very, very victim-centric, and we want to make sure that we give them time for us to notify them and show them respect and concern and extend our real, sincere condolences to the family and friends.”

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