• July 18, 2024

Her Parents Were Excited She Got Engaged, Then They Met New Fiancé And…

How will you react in the situation when the race is becoming the new standard of loving someone?

I recently saw this video on YouTube wherein they filmed the reactions of these strangers if they happen to see a white woman introducing her Asian male fiance to disapproving parents.

I’m well aware that it’s a TV show where the actors performed as a family. The daughter introduced her fiance to her parents. They didn’t accept him just because he is an Asian. And the camera recorded the response of people around them.

The show gives more than a lesson in life that everyone should learn. And  I am pretty happy that all of the people around them support this girl and his Asian fiance, which makes me feel that our world is not that racialistic anymore.

If you’re not familiar with the show, this is the premise:

“The program features actors acting out scenes of conflict or illegal activity in public settings while hidden cameras videotape the scene, and the focus is on whether or not bystanders intervene, and how. Variations are also usually included, such as changing the genders, the races or the clothing of the actors performing the scene, to see if bystanders react differently. Quiñones appears at the end of each scenario to interview bystanders and witnesses about their reactions.”

“AWM” gives us more details of this amazing story:

At first, Madison’s parents are excited to meet their daughter’s fiancé. They have decided to meet him in public at a restaurant. And he is running a bit late. They notice that their daughter, Madison, is happy and excited to grow the family. And she thinks they’ll love the man whom she loves. But she is wrong. She underestimates her parents, and their faces drop when they see that the man who walks into the restaurant is Asian and not white.

Because Eric looks different than their daughter, her parents are furious. They are disappointed in Madison for accepting a proposal from a man who is not white. In the 21st century, you’d think this type of behavior would no longer exist, but it does. However, it is never as obvious as you’ll see in the skit on the reality show.

Fellow restaurant goers cannot help but overhear the terrible and insensitive remarks Madison’s parents are using. But that’s part of the show. People are supposed to overhear the horrid conversations. The producers want to see if average people will stand up to the racist parents and encourage the love between the Asian man and the Caucasian woman. And they do. When they are able, fellow customers encourage Madison and Eric to follow through with their love despite her parents’ disapproval.

In the video, you’ll see average people like yourself standing up in the name of love. They refuse to let the stuck-in-the-past parents kill the love between the two young adults. It shouldn’t matter that he is Asian and she is white. They are in love.

And yes, we need to be united against racism. Only in this way can we make America a place where everyone lives equally without being judged by his/her skin color.

Watch the entire episode here: WhatWouldYouDo/Youtube

Source: AWM

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