• July 16, 2024

Her Son Was Vaxxed Without Permission, What She Did To Them Is Spectacular!

A Louisiana mother is threatening to sue, claiming that her 16-year-old son was vaccinated for COVID-19 while at his Jefferson Parish high school without her consent.

Jennifer Ravain, of Kenner, says her 16-year-old son received the vaccine at East Jefferson High School on Wednesday without her consent.

Ravain alleged that during a visit by an Oschner Health System mobile vaccination clinic to East Jefferson High School, her son was allowed to sign a consent form and receive a COVID-19 vaccination despite the Louisiana Department of Health requirement of a parent’s signature for persons under 18 being vaccinated, according to WWL-TV reports.

Making Ravain absolutely furious with East Jefferson High School and Ochsner Health, for vaccinating her son without parental consent.

The lawyer of the injured party, G. Shelly Maturin said that Ravain “is not necessarily against vaccines, but she wanted to discuss this with her child first, and she wanted to do more homework and research on possible side effects and whether the adverse health effects of the vaccine were worth the risk as opposed to her child contracting COVID without a vaccine and obtaining natural immunity.”

Maturin told the DCNF, “A mobile vaccine unit was on campus at East Jefferson High School in Kenner, LA on October 20, 2021.  A nurse with Ochsner, presumably knowing my client to be below the age of consent, gave him a form to sign that would normally be signed by a parent or guardian and instructed him to sign his name, print and date.”

Maturin added that Ravain’s son “was under the impression that he was just signing up to get the shot at a later date, but was told that they were giving shots right then and there.  Being 16, he felt pressure and took the shot.”

Maturin told the DCNF that the 16-year-old received the Pfizer vaccine, later complaining of a sore arm and feeling “a little fatigued,” but adding that concern remains “over possible long term side effects.”

Surprisingly, none of the named defendants are denying responsibility.

Ochsner Health’s chief medical officer Dr. Robert Hart issued a written statement agreeing that “underage students should not be vaccinated without parental permission, and apologized that it had happened.”

He’s not sure how the student was vaccinated without the consent of a parent but assures parents they try to avoid that sort of thing.

“While we firmly believe in vaccinating adolescents to keep them safe from COVID-19, this should be done only with parental consent.” They claim a history of long and faithful service.

 “Ochsner Health has worked closely with schools throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to keep faculty and students safe in the classroom and beyond, and we have been invited by schools to provide on-site vaccinations since the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Pfizer vaccine for adolescents ages 12-17.”

Hart admits the team messed up by not following the procedure.

“Our team has been notified that a student was vaccinated without proper parental consent at a school vaccination event on Oct. 20. We have procedures in place to ensure that all policies are followed; however, in this instance, this did not occur.”

“We have taken immediate action to review our on-site vaccination policies and to ensure that these policies will be strictly enforced moving forward.”

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