• June 15, 2024

Here Is How The Obamas Are Connected To College Admissions Scandal

America has gasped as the truth came out about the corruption within many college admission offices. Not only have dozens of celebrities and college insiders been exposed for falsifying paperwork and college admission applications, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and millions in Jared Kushner’s case were allegedly exchanged to help unqualified students gain access to the nation’s top schools.


Gordon Ernest was one of the alleged criminals indicated in the scandal. He formerly worked as the tennis coach for Washington D.C.’s Georgetown University before he took another job as the women’s tennis coach at the University of Rhode Island. And now the truth has come out, and he has been accused of conspiracy to commit racketeering while he worked in the nation’s capital.

Gordon did not only teach college students and coach teams. He also provided private lessons. Some of his most notable students included former President Barack Obama’s daughters Malia and Sasha.

Although Michelle and Barack hired Gordon to teach their daughters the sport of tennis, there is no link between the Obamas and this college admission scandal. But it does go to show you how these schemers were dealing with some of the nation’s most prestigious people – and were trusted industry insiders. No one would have suspected that Gordon Ernest was really trying to conspire to commit racketeering.


From 2012 to 2018, prosecutors allege that Gordon Ernest padded his pockets by accepting upwards of $2.7 million in bribes to put at least 12 of his students on the Georgetown team. Some of these students did not even play the sport competitively and simply wanted to have status on the team so they could use it on their college admission application and look better than less privileged students who did not have the skill – or the rich parents – to get them ahead.

Ernest siphoned his bribes through the nonprofit Key Worldwide Foundation, which was founded by William Rick Singer back in 2012. Singer built the scam from the bottom up. He was the slimeball who started it all and encouraged rich parents to pay him a lot of money so he could help them cheat on their college admission tests and bribe college coaches to express interest in these mediocre students.

Wealthy parents knew that their children had no chance to get into the nation’s top colleges on merit alone, so they paid millions in bribes to cheat their way in. These parents were able to get their children into the nation’s top colleges so they would have the opportunity to use that to start their adult life and get further ahead of the average people who have to work for everything they earn in life.


The colleges and universities caught in the scandal include Harvard University, Yale University, Georgetown, Stanford University, UCLA, the University of San Diego, University of Southern California, and the University of Texas.


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