• June 20, 2024

HEY PARTY GIRL MALIA: Is That A GIANT Bong You’re Standing Next To?

Somebody’s partying during her gap year!

Well, heck, if dear ol’ dad can smoke weed, use ‘a little blow’ and still be President, it’s not like it’ll hurt her future goals.

Besides, when her time comes, she can just say, ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?’

You know, pull a Hillary.


This summer Malia’s been following in her Daddy’s footsteps.

A picture circulating on social media appears to show Malia Obama near an item that resembles a large bong.

The image was taken at a University of Pennsylvania fraternity house on Sunday, according to Radar Online.

The 18-year-old is wearing the same distinctive ‘Smoking Kills’ T-shirt that she was seen sporting at the Budweiser Made in America festival in Philadelphia that day.

The teenager, who is taking a gap year and will attend Harvard in 2017, also sported a crimson baseball hat with an H on it – a nod to her future alma mater.

Alan Barry, a celebrity photographer and expert in Photoshop, told Radar that he doesn’t believe the viral image has been digitally altered.

‘I have examined the image in detail,’ Barry said.

‘Specifically, her image was not added or overplayed in anyway to another image to create the final photo.

‘That is, for better or worse, Malia Obama in the photo.’

It’s cool to be ironic. Check out Malia’s ‘Smoking Kills’ shirt:

Here you go, Malia. Rock out to this:

We’re curious about Michelle’s views on her 18-year old daughter hanging out in a frat house… with a giant bong.

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