• July 12, 2024


A couple of Texas high school coaches are in hot water tonight after parents accused them of letting students organize a ‘fight club.’ The coaches have been placed on administrative leave and an investigation is underway.

Parents with children in Plano East Senior High School complained when they learned that head baseball coach Travis Collins and assistant coach Reagan Allen were behaving badly.

The coaches have allegedly subjected students to demeaning, even racist comments. They belittled injured students. Perhaps the worst accusation of all is that the coaches allowed seniors to organize a fight club in the batting cages.

The coaches have been placed on administrative leave while the school launched an investigation. Their lawyers have denied the allegations, saying the two dedicated coaches were away for an annual conference at the time the fight club was staged.

According to the investigation reports, the fight clubs were so widely known about in the school that it would have been difficult for the coaches to not have been aware of them. Players would leave the batting cages with black eyes and bruised knuckles, while some even advertised them on social media.

Some students are backing the coaches, saying the allegations are false. “They criticized us when we made mistakes and praised us when we did well. They never pushed to make injured players play,” said Devin Gifford, a senior, to the Dallas Morning News.

The coaches have been on leave since August and a statement from the school district says neither is still associated with the baseball program. Looks like if the two coaches have not been involved in the fighting, they may be in for a fight to get their jobs back.

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