• July 12, 2024

If Hillary Wins, Look How Much Your Taxes Will Go Up Just to Cover Amnesty for Illegals…SHARE THIS NOW!!

The current government has been recklessly spending money on many unnecessary affairs, which have cost America and its citizens numerous economic losses.

The U.S. national debt reached and astounding $20 trillion and it looks like it is going to stay unpaid for a while. What is worse, the country keeps on spending even more, which might again lead us to collapse.

In the eyes of our administration, no limits exist when spending money is concerned.

Hillary Clinton and her ‘amnesty for illegals’ deal are no different, and this may become the breaking point for the economy.

VIA Young Cons

From Daily Signal:

The long-term costs to taxpayers of immigrants and their descendants are detailed in a new report from the National Academy of Sciences.

The findings in the report indicate that if amnesty for illegal immigrants were enacted, the government would have to raise taxes immediately by $1.29 trillion and put that sum into a high-yield bank account to cover future fiscal losses generated by the amnesty recipients and their children.

To cover the future cost, each U.S. household currently paying federal income tax would have to pay, on average, an immediate lump sum of over $15,000.

The National Academy of Sciences report, “The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration,” provides fiscal balance projections for immigrants and their descendants over 75 years.

The Liberals seem uninterested in what is happening with America or its folks. they have their own criminal agenda in mind, which if not changed, can cripple us tremendously.

The economy exist for a reason, but presently, it is anything but stable.

So, we need to keep Hillary Clinton as from the presidency as possible.


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