• July 18, 2024

HOLY COW! A Hot Mic Just Caught A CNN Anchor In A Total Tantrum About Kevin McCarthy….

On Friday, during remarks by then-House Speaker nominee Kevin McCarthy, a hot mic moment busted a CNN anchor!

McCarthy told reporters, “We’ll come back tonight. I believe at that time we’ll have the votes to finish this once and for all. It just reminds me of what my father always told me. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. And now we have to finish for the American public,” After failing to nail down a win during the first 13 ballots.

However, in response to McCarthy, a female voice was heard exclaiming, “Oh, for Christ’s sake.”

Although nobody was quite sure where it came from, the incident rapidly went popular on social media.

The buzz, according to Fox News, is that either CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash or Democratic strategist and CNN contributor Karen Finney, who had been on the air before the network cut to McCarthy, said the remarks.

As CNN these days: shameless leftist pandering, biased “journalism,” and an utter inability to handle anything that doesn’t fit their preconceived narratives. Regardless of who it was the hot mic incident perfectly encapsulated everything that is wrong with CNN.

McCarthy’s prospects had already begun to brighten, at the time of the hot mic snafu.

With the exception of six GOP holdouts, all of them had sided with him following his most recent agreements with the Freedom Caucus members. Reps.-elect Andy Biggs from Arizona, Lauren Boebert from Colorado, Eli Crane from Arizona, Matt Gaetz from Florida, Bob Good from Virginia, and Matt Rosendale from Montana were among those who remained in opposition.

McCarthy and his allies were cautiously hopeful about his chances of winning before the 14th ballot.

But Why else would they not? Less than an hour before the vote, Boebert, and Gaetz, the most vocal opposition member, appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” and sounded pleased with the concessions they had gotten. Gaetz quipped that he had run out of things to ask for and even referred to McCarthy as the speaker-elect.

Tonight’s Matt Gaetz on Hannity said, “I’m running out of stuff to ask for. I am proud of the entire Republican conference and we’re going to be stronger and more unified and more able to hold this administration accountable.”

As did Boebert, Gaetz voted present yet rather than throwing his support to McCarthy. Moreover, Gaetz was among the group of House members who voted to adjourn the session until Monday morning.

Despite the fact that this reduced the number of votes required to win to 217, McCarthy still needed one more vote to win, and neither Gaetz nor Boebert were willing to swap their votes.

Unexpectedly, Gaetz changed his mind and decided to proceed to a 15th ballot instead. The New York Times reported that Trump had contacted GOP holdouts Biggs, Gaetz, and others.

Gaetz voted present once more. However, Biggs and the final holdouts switched their prior support for other candidates to present, reducing the bar for success. As a result, McCarthy was finally elected speaker on the fifteenth ballot.

Well, it would be interesting to hear…

If only a CNN hot mic had been there to record their thoughts as McCarthy was chosen to be the speaker.

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