• April 13, 2024

Idiot Decides To Rob Random Dude…Little Did He Know He Kicks Asses For A Living – WATCH!!!

If I were to become a career criminal, I seriously doubt I’d become a petty thief. With the potential for loads of things to go wrong during a heist, I’d much rather try something more mundane like mail fraud. Physically stealing from regular people is a dangerous game, mainly because you never know what your victim is capable of doing.

One clueless crim bit the dust recently, after trying to steal from a passerby on the street. Oh yeah, his victim was also a trained MMA fighter, and proceeded to show the thief some of his more brutal moves. Of course, I have absolutely no sympathy for this guy – and neither should you.

People say that karma is a b*tch, but I think on this occasion it’s more like a muscle-bound dude beating the living hell out of someone.
The video starts with the cameraman expressing his disbelief that the robber has chosen this beast of a man to be his newest victim. Clearly our would-be thief had no idea what he was letting himself in for… We then get to see a bit of vigilante justice in action – which is always good if you have a penchant for watching people get what they deserve.

Of course our robber could have no clue he was tackling an octagon-loving menace, but then who cares? The moral of this story is remarkably simple: don’t rob people in the street, and you won’t get battered into oblivion by a crazed mixed martial artist. Watch out criminals, there are some people out there who refuse to be pushed around.

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