• July 19, 2024

Iron Guru Claims He Eats 100 Eggs EVERY DAY…

Eggs are considered to be one of the most nutritious foods one can eat. And from the early days of bodybuilding, eggs have been a staple in every competitor’s diet.

The wholesome food is so rich in nutrients that you can live off eating just eggs and still be healthy. Although they are high in cholesterol levels, it is the “good cholesterol” that they possess. Vince Gironda, popularly known as the “Iron Guru,” encouraged a diet of eating 36 eggs per day. He even claimed it was better to eat that many eggs over running a steroid cycle.

However, a fitness influencer’s claim that he eats 100 eggs a day has left people’s stomachs feeling weak, as he says it’s the only food that doesn’t leave him feeling ‘bad’.

Fernando Torraca, from Florida, has become a social media sensation for his understanding and ability to put together a diet plan. He has built an impressive physique and shows it off, along with meals that he puts together. Recently on TikTok, The King Of Diet shared a video getting a massive amount of eggs from the market. He explained why he likes to eat 100 egg whites per day.

While he has shared numerous videos suggesting that he eats 100 eggs a day, he has never uploaded a video where he is eating all of them. His clips are generally accompanied by motivational speeches highlighting the dedication it takes to be a bodybuilder.

“Four hundred eggs, believe it or not, will last only four days,” he wrote alongside one video. In the clip, he showed himself carrying a large number of eggs into his home and unpacking them for his daily meal.

In another egg-focused video, Torraca films himself cracking open the eggs and separating the whites from the yolks. He captioned that video with on-screen text that stated, “They say [steroids], but they don’t see my struggles,” he said in the clip. “It’s not easy eating 100 eggs daily.”

“They don’t know the truth. One hundred eggs per day,” he wrote in a third TikTok, in which he pulls up his shirt to show off his washboard abdominal muscles.

In addition to his presence on TikTok, Torraca also creates content for Google’s YouTube video platform service. In one video, he explains his passion for eggs, saying that they’re “fast to digest,” so he eats them throughout the day in various small meals.

Torraca says he spreads the eggs across “four or five” meals a day.

“My body absorbs eggs really well”, he says of the diet. “When I eat chicken I feel bloated. When I have gas, my belly looks like [I’m] six months pregnant. I don’t like it.”

Watch the video below:

Now, you’ll note that the bodybuilding TikToker in question seems to dump his egg yolks into the sink, indicating that he’s actually separating the yolks from the whites and isn’t in fact eating 100 whole eggs, but the whites from 100 eggs. (His heart certainly breathed a sigh of relief when it saw that.)

Some viewers were a bit baffled by TikToker’s methods.

“That’s 50 eggs. You be leaving behind the most important part of the egg lol,” one commented.

“wait serious question, why not just buy egg whites?another asked.

“Bro at least save those yolks for a nice hollandaise sauce or something,” an obvious foodie opined.

Is eating 100 egg whites bad for your body? Who knows. But one commenter was certainly concerned about The King of Diet’s kitchen appliances. “You know how bad that is for your drain?” he asked.

Watch the video interview below for more details:

Source: AWM

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