• May 27, 2024

Islamic Man In Canada Makes Alarming Statement About 9 Yr-Old Girls, This Is Just Going Too Far

Liberals are blind to the fact that a huge percentage of Islamic men believe in Sharia Law, and believe raping children is their obligation. It may be hard to understand just how brutal these people are, unless of course you see it first hand. Check out this disturbing video of M*slims in Canada, as they explain why they should be allowed to rape  9-year-old girls.

VIA| Using a 4-year-old to murder a man, using a 10-year-old girl as a human bomb, beheading people, drowning people, throwing homosexuals off buildings. Nothing is off limits for the religion of peace.

The Muslim in this video tell off the Canadian man saying they aren’t pedophiles for sleeping with a 9-year-old because the 9-year-old is an adult.

He goes onto state that he goes around slapping people that don’t agree with him and then says that slapping is nothing and that in other countries those people would be killed.

The Muslim says that anyone who says Mohammed is a false prophet deserves to die.


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