• May 27, 2024

The Startling Truth About The Islamic Women Booted From President Trump’s Rally

Remember that chick that was booted from a Trump rally where libs claims it was because she was Muslim? Well here’s the chilling truth behind it all:

VIA| The people on the left claim to be peaceful and understanding, claiming that we’re the bigoted ones who make assumptions, but this is clearly not the case.

Rose Hamid, the Muslim woman, was actually a CNN plant, via Biz Pac ReviewAmazingly, this woman had been picked out of the crowd prior to the event to do an interview with CNN and then what do you know, she ended up causing problems and got booted.

Then, to add insult to injury, her comments about Trump supporters were bigoted! So, we have a bigot woman protesting bigots. Nice job CNN!

I, for one, have met and known many Muslim people, and I have never said a single hateful or stereotypical thing to them or about them. Many people on the right can say the same thing.

I have known many liberals too, and they have said very hateful things to me all because of who I voted for. Others have experienced this as well from the plenty of hateful liberals in this country. But not all.

This woman claims to not want to see Trump supporters as “those” people, but she can’t be bothered to understand why she may have upset them. Of course, people are going to be angry — you took all the attention away from their movement and put it on yourself all while making yourself into a victim.

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