• June 17, 2024

Kellyanne Conway Is Proving Herself To Be A Total Traitor

It is time to add another name to the list of traitors working overtime to ensure that Donald Trump does not get back into the White House.

Mike Pence is a traitor, not just a small one, but a MASSIVE traitor.

Of course, there is Bill Barr, too, who just turned out to be a piece of trash, but Mike Pence has to be the top.

Pence, with his phony “good Christan” man BS, took a lot of us for a ride, then stabbed us in the back at the very last minute. And as a result, Pence is not welcome in MAGA.

Thus, he has a zero chance of ever doing anything on a national political level ever again… and anybody who suggests otherwise is a shill for the establishment of the Deep State.

Enter Kellyanne Conway, the woman many say helped Trump win in 2016. But I call Bullsh*t on that. Nobody helped President Trump win, it was destiny for him to win, and he did it because of himself. Most people around Trump wanted him to change and conform, but he refused. Kellyanne Conway was along for the winning ride. I don’t believe she was ever truly committed to “America First.” I think she is an opportunistic survivalist and will say and do whatever she needs to advance herself, like a typical DC Swamp rat.

And just in case you don’t believe me, look at what Kellyanne is up to now — she’s making her rounds on TV promoting Mike Pence as the “big surprise” in 2024.

Here’s what Kellyanne said: “Kellyanne Conway identifies Mike Pence as a possible “wild card” in the Republican nomination in 2024, saying “You do hear people say, ‘I love the Trump-Pence accomplishments.”

You can watch the video below:

Kellyanne is a woman you can’t trust. She has a husband who not only trolled Trump and made a mockery of her position but also worked with a group of pedophile enablers to help Joe Biden illegally oust Trump in 2020 with lies and fake news. It’s an abomination, and Kellyanne rarely called her husband out. She acted as if nothing was going on and allowed that little weasel to wreak havoc.

That’s not normal, and if you ask me, I think Kellyanne was secretly working against President Trump, even while she stood on TV and defended him. I hope she goes and works for Pence. Ultimately, they are two disloyal losers who will get what’s coming to them: humiliation and defeat.
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