• July 16, 2024

Leaked Security Footage Reveals R Kelly Getting Savagely Beaten In Prison, And The Cops Let It Happen!

The disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly has been attacked in prison by fellow inmates in Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.

53-year-old Kelly, an accused sexual predator who preys on vulnerable teen girls looking to become singers and stars was assaulted in prison and sustained “significant physical and psychological injuries,” according to his high-paid attorneys.

The initial story was broken by TMZ, which reported that a frustrated inmate had allegedly begun “punching” Kelly, who was sitting on his bed at the time of the incident.

Kelly’s attorney Douglas C. Anton confirmed the attack on August 27. “It is unfortunately true,” he said. “Another inmate that had an issue with lockdown, got upset and simply attacked Robert.”

Kelly’s attorneys filed a new claim in court on Friday (Oct. 16) saying that there is video from an attack against their client that showed no one “raised a finger” to help the singer. The attack took place in late August at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, Illinois, and the claim states that no one stepped in to stop the inmate until he was “well into beating Kelly.”

The disgraced singer’s attorneys say that the video shows that the attacker “roamed a great distance within the MCC before carrying out that act, without any opposition. It is undisputed that, as a result, Mr. Kelly has suffered significant physical and psychological injuries.”

More details of this report from AWM:

The attack on August 26, 2020, was blamed on gang member Jeremiah Shane Farmer. Apparently, Farmer ambushed Kelly while he was asleep on the bottom bunk. Farmer allegedly escaped from prison guards and entered Kelly’s cell, where he stomped on the accused child rapist’s skull. A correctional officer saved Kelly’s life by using pepper spray on Farmer.

Farmer, 39, is a member of the Latin Kings gang and is serving a life sentence for a racketeering conspiracy connected to a double homicide in 1999. Farmer was convicted in 2019 of the deaths of Harvey Siegers, 67, and Marion Lowry, 74.

Meanwhile, Farmer claims he was “forced” to attack Kelly last summer “in hopes of getting spotlight attention and world news notice to shed light on the government corruption.”

Kelly’s attorneys argue that Farmer should be questioned about “the role that any MCC personnel played in that attack.”

Last month’s court documents also stated, “It appears that MCC personnel simply followed Mr. Farmer, allowed him to carry out the attack, and then only intervened after Mr. Kelly had already sustained serious injuries.

Kelly’s lead attorney, Thomas Farinella, also said, “Mr. Kelly was the victim of an unprovoked attack while incarcerated at the MCC because of who he is. It’s clear the Bureau of Prisons cannot adequately accommodate the need to keep him safe.”

Watch the video below:

Sources: AWM,  TMZ

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