• May 27, 2024

LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE! Portland Protester Shot With Bean Bags Claims He Was Peacefully Protesting, But That’s Not What The Camera Shows!

So, we have a rioter in Portland -and you’re probably going “so what else is new?- and they were shot by a bean bag by police. Of course, this rioter in the Union of Socialist Soviet Portland claims they were peacefully protesting, but can we really believe anything these people are saying?
I’ll give you a hint, folks: the camera never lies. In this case, it showed that this ANTIFA member was not only lying about peacefully protesting, he was actually trying his hand at arson by setting fire to the courthouse! This is day 56 of rioting in Portland with no end in sight.
I don’t have to tell you that claiming innocence and “playing the victim” is about the oldest trick in the book for Democrats (Demon-rats! LOL) and terrorists both. However, this guy is a real winner simply because most of these fools have at least enough brain cells not to get caught.
Of course, we can’t say that any ANTIFA terrorist is that smart, or they wouldn’t have joined this domestic terrorist organization in the first place! His claim? All he was doing was banging on the courthouse fence, with a chant of “All cops are bas****ds” and “Black Lives Matter.”
Of course, these two terrorist groups seem to think that a courthouse is one of their favorite places to attack, simply because they can complain like two-year-olds when the feds jump to their own defense. What a joke these people are, but I digress.
Portland, you know I love you, but if you expect things to get better under your mayor Ted Wheeler you’ve got another thing coming. Property values in Portland are dropping as precipitously as the rain and Wheeler is up for reelection later on this year.
This rioter was talking to Blaze reporter Elijah Schaffer, and that’s when he claimed he was hit about a half dozen with the bean bags.
To his credit, Schaffer asked this rioter if he was also the same “peaceful protester” that had set fire to the courthouse. The unidentified, rather manipulative and conniving rioter said no, but all the while he never realized that Schaffer had filmed in the very act of starting the fire!

From the Gateway Pundit: 

“They were trying to snatch me away, they were pulling at me with zipties, and they were shooting me with those bean bags,” he told the reporter. “They tried to steal me away.” 

When he was asked by Blaze reporter Schaffer if he was the start guy who had been committing arson, the man said no and was trying to get his friend to move away from being interviewed. 

“He failed to mention something,” Schaffer tweeted, “He was indeed the arsonist who had set an illegal fire on federal property.” 

Peaceful protesters my foot! 

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