• May 30, 2024

Liberals Asking People To Rat Their Neighbors For Not Being Woke!

The irredeemably far-left public school system of Wellesley, Massachusetts is now actively encouraging students, staff, and parents to ‘rat’ out those who say things that the school system deems inappropriate, in what appears to be at least an unconscious effort to import the glories of the French Revolution and Chinese Cultural Revolution onto American soil.

Those who want to undermine social capital by telling on their peers are instructed to do so anonymously regarding others’ alleged biases and microaggressions, in typical Stalinist fashion. Even those who were regarded as unenthusiastic and not expressing enough public displays of support for where things were headed were deemed counter-revolutionaries and set to the infamous guillotine during the French Revolution.

Just about anything can be classified as a ‘microaggression, including saying, the principal is crazy’. No word on whether that would be deemed acceptable if the principal was a straight white male. Similar Maoist plans are scheduled to be implemented in Massachusetts at large, Maryland, and Virginia as the country continues to descend into madness. In fact, anything can be regarded as a “microaggression,” including expressing things like “The principal is insane.” There’s no comment on whether or not it would be appropriate if the principal were a straight White man.

An activist group, Parents Defending Education, obtained a series of slides produced by Wellesley Public Schools providing examples of questionable behavior and expressions

The Wellesley school district, which represents two thousand elementary students, eleven hundred middle school students, and fifteen hundred high school students, introduced a policy on “Responding to Incidents of Bias or Discrimination” with a contingent file on Google Docs for anyone connected to the school district to betray their fellow comrades in an attempt to bring Bolshevism into the twenty-first century.

Is Wellesley Public Schools trying to convince us that not being white is the same as being disabled?

Nobody wants to see individuals discriminated against because they are disabled, but these rules harm everyone from the start by associating gay people and ethnic minorities with those with physical and mental disabilities.

That appears to be a bigoted statement. But the school district’s new policy isn’t the only thing undermining its own message.

Just as the policy guidelines, students and even adults in Wellesley are being recruited as snitches, according to National Review. Those rules turn youthful banter and playful statements into what you might assume to be full-on examples of colonial privilege.

As stated in the publication, children are being urged to report their classmates and teachers for alleged discrimination “or any problematic concern of discriminatory behavior.”

Based on the National Review, the policy specifies that “any concerning activity may be reported anonymously.” “Anonymous reports are more difficult to investigate and respond to,” the policy states.

“Tell us who hurt your feelings, and we’ll destroy them, “That appears to be a code.

In 2021, what will biased conduct look like that can be reported?

Imitating anyone’s ethnicity or culture is mentioned as a “bias-based incident,” as is “telling harsh jokes that insult a protected group in person or over any technological means.”

The policy also includes training slides that show examples of statements that could lead to someone being handed in, according to National Review.

According to National Review, another stated: “Adam is in the high school cafeteria and jokingly turns to a friend and says, ‘I can say ‘n-word’ because my friend Bernice gave me a pass.’”

Bernice is unable to provide such passes, implying that Adam is a racist. As a result, the mere imagined advantage that he can use that language in any setting with Bernice’s consent is a microaggression.

“My principal is so crazy!” is offensive, as is asking a person “Where are you actually from?” A statement such as, “Ohhh, you got the ‘China Virus’?!?!” is most definitely a no-no.

What are “microaggressions,” according to the new Wellesley Public Schools policy?

This divisive policy has effectively put an end to childhood banter, regardless of its aim. Statements with a harmless intent, such as inquiring about the origins of a person a student would be interested in befriending, have also been deemed inappropriate. How will the new classmates’ ice be broken now?

According to National Review, the purpose of a microaggression investigation brought on by snitching is to “Focus on changing behavior rather than penalizing (an) offender,” citing district training slides. The oddest aspect of it all is that, while being “prejudiced” can result in suspension or other consequences, educators’ ultimate goal is to reprogram minds.

This regulation will apply to victims of bias who are straight, white, male, and standing upright with a healthy I.Q. and it’s difficult to imagine.

Maybe, Wellesley Public Schools will surprise us by treating all district students equally when it comes to police their speech and, eventually, their thinking.

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