• April 17, 2024

Liberals Outraged After Tom Selleck SHREDDED TO PIECES OBAMA’s IDEOLOGY on Live TV

Tom Selleck SHREDDED TO PIECES Black Lives Matter during his show Blue Bloods.

The episode is titled “Flags of Our Fathers.”

According to Conservative Tribune, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) tried to talk Gore out of burning the American flag.

The liberal won’t listen. Before he leaves, Reagan tells Gore that only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence.

Just as Reagan predicted, the riot incites violence and Gore tries to blame the police for not protecting him. Reagan shot him down fast, telling him that the cops did their jobs. When the liberal announces plans to do another similar protest, Reagan then gives him a firm dose of reality.

“That flag, that you consider a prop and a stunt, has draped the coffins of Americans who died to give you the right to ignore that sacrifice,” Selleck’s character said. “You’re spitting on their graves.”

This is soooo true today! Thanks Mr. Selleck for fighting for our flag.

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