• July 18, 2024

Mecca’s Centuries-Old Ban On Non-Islamic Faith Makes Trump’s Ban Look Like Little League

Everyone is so quick to fly off their rocker over Trump announcement of the ‘travel ban’. Many of the people protesting have never associated themselves with politics of any sort, and somehow all of a sudden know how they work over the last couple weeks since Trump took office. They are acting like a bunch of lunatics, oblivious to the fact that there are similar bans that have previously existed in this country, and exist in other countries across the world still today…Not to mention Muslims barring Non M*slims from others.

All this does is expose the ignorance of the left side.

VIA| Protests erupted at airports across the country following Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily barring Muslims from seven countries from entering the United States.

For centuries non-Muslims have not been allowed in Mecca, Islam’s holiest city.

Prior to March 1, 2004, the official Saudi government website stated that Jews were forbidden from entering the country.

Democrats and Muslims protested this weekend to demand more refugees into America from terrorist states.

They said nothing when Obama banned refugees from Iraq in 2011.

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