• July 18, 2024

LOL: Hilarious Signs Are Welcoming Hillary To Her Fundraiser In LA…We Can’t Get Enough!!

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton can barely make it to Louisiana or answer any real questions at a press conference, but that doesn’t stop her from fundraising.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Clinton was in Los Angeles this week fundraising for her campaign, and these hilarious signs popped up pointing the way toward local hospitals



The signs mock Clinton’s refusal to release her medical records amid the clear evidence pointing to her failing health by emphasizing the “ill” in Hillary.

Clinton’s campaign logo is an H with an arrow referencing the slogan “I’m With Her.”

The signs use Clinton’s logo to point her in the direction of the nearest hospital, since the evidence of her failing health suggests she needs the help.

In fact, those putting up the signs are strategically putting them in front of buildings that share the names of Clinton supporters, such as Steven Spielberg and Cheryl and Haim Saban.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Clinton’s schedule is devoid of any rallies with the masses aside from a small event in Las Vegas, but she will be spending quite a bit of time with the rich and well connected.

Since GOP nominee Donald Trump already went down to Louisiana to help and President Obama visited as well, will Clinton move herself away from Hollywood anytime soon, or continue to shill for money.

Clinton only has so much energy, and time and again she makes it clear where her priorities are and aren’t.

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