• November 28, 2021

Mike Lindell Has Just Made His Biggest Announcement Yet!

It’s so funny how the mainstream media likes to jump on any problem that anyone has in an attempt to bring them down.

Look at any movie star that has had a movie that didn’t do well, they will go after them in tabloids and the like in an effort to say horrible things about them for no reason other than to be horrible. They are all about ruining reputations.

Look at what they have tried to do to anyone that either supported Donald Trump or spoke up about the election being rigged…

If he made it public, you can already hear the MSM laughing. Now conservatives need a “safe place”.

The left will show anything conservative no mercy because it’s all about power. All conservatives must be silenced. We make too much sense. Lindell is a recovered drug addict. Normally the media celebrates this. But since he talks of God that saved him and Trump that he and many others so strongly believe in, he’s been silenced.

If you’ve been canceled you have another option. His social media accounts were removed because Democrats and the main stream media didn’t like what he said.

Lindell spoke with host Jenny Chang on Focus Talk. “You won’t have to walk on eggshells anymore. It’s YouTube and Twitter kind of combined. There’s nothing like it out there…journalists can actually go out and invite guests on and speak the truth. I’m really looking forward to it and it’s been four years in the making and it is absolutely amazing, there’s technology out there that nobody else has.”

Lindell joins a growing chorus

Parler, Gab, Clouthub and Telegram are a couple free speech social media sites that have sprung up after the cancel culture shut people up. The Democrats do not want anybody suggesting a problem with the 2020 election. If it was compromised, how could anybody, Republican or Democrat, be assured your vote wasn’t just thrown out?

That Lindell even suggested there was a problem with Dominion prompted them to sue him for $1.3 billion. Bring it! There’s plenty of proof out there that judges are too scared to look at. Too many people have been threatened.

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