• July 19, 2024

Morgan Freeman Blacklisted By Hollywood After He Says THIS About God

Terrorist sympathizers from the far left are furious after Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman posted a photo of himself to Facebook and tagged it as having been taken in Jerusalem, Israel.

“Jerusalem #StoryOfGod,” Freeman captioned the photo, referencing his National Geographic Channel television show about various cultures and religions, according to TheBlaze.

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According to Conservative Tribune, liberals immediately began slamming Freeman for the location tag, falsely claiming that Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians and nobody else.

“I allways respect you mister morgan,” wrote one particularly aggrieved man, Mohammed Ghaleb Klabi. “But i think i become hating you now !! This city is palestennian !!”

Others spoke out to defend Freeman, pointing out that the city of Jerusalem belongs to the people of Israel, a multicultural nation where men and women of numerous races and faiths live.

“Jerusalem, in Hebrew, means city of Peace: some of the commentators here ought to learn from that,” fired back Michael Dickson, office director for the StandWithUs pro-Israel organization. “Shalom and Peace. And thank you for visiting, Mr. Freeman.”

Freeman later made the photo his profile pic, but he did delete the location tag in order to calm his haters.

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