• July 12, 2024


On Monday the former Chair of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission made a surprising admission. Trevor Phillips, the man who first popularized the term “Islamophobia,” confessed that he “got almost everything wrong” about Muslim immigrants in Britain. They aren’t assimilating at all, and are in fact creating “nations within nations.”

But these migrants aren’t just carving out their own cultural enclaves in suburban and urban parts of the UK. They’re also forming their own nations within the prison system. Muslim extremists have taken over an entire block of Gartree Prison in Leicestershire. They have effectively turned it into a no-go zone for other prisoners, who are terrified of being housed in the unit, and for very good reasons.

Non-Muslim prisoners who are sent to the block are threatened with violence if they don’t convert. They’ve even been banned from showering naked or putting up lurid posters of women on their cell walls. That’s because the Muslim gangs in this block rule their turf with Sharia law, which they use to regulate other prisoners and sort out disagreements.

As one source put it, “In effect, they are setting up their own prison within a prison.” A spokesman for the prison has asserted that there is no evidence of these claims, which were made after leaders of the Prison Officers Association toured the facility. However, he added that “we are not complacent about the possible risks that Islamist extremism poses to our prisons. That is why the Secretary of State commissioned an urgent review of how the prison system deals with this issue.”

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