• July 12, 2024

Nightmare Scenario That Could Have Kamala Harris Serve 10 Years as President!

There has been ongoing discussion regarding Joe Biden’s potential impeachment due to the incident surrounding his improper handling of secret documents.

There is, nevertheless, a horrifying possibility that Kamala Harris may become president for ten intolerable years.

The terrifying scenario was first proposed by Mike Davis, a former member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the current leader of a conservative legal organization.

According to the 22nd Amendment, President Harris could still seek two consecutive four-year terms if President Biden leaves office after January 20, 2023. (10 years total). Harris could only run for one 4-year term (a total of 6 years) if Biden left office before that, Davis tweeted, including a link to a Congress.gov page outlining the 22nd Amendment.

From Congress.gov:

Twenty-Second Amendment

Section 1

No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this Article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President when this Article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this Article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

The 20th of January marks the halfway point of Biden’s first term.

But who believes Biden will live until 2025?

Here’s a short list of issues that could derail Biden’s chances for a second term:

His advanced age and cognitive ability
Corruption in the Biden family and “laptop hell”
Documents that have been classified
It’s entirely possible that Biden will not complete his first term.

So, could we be looking at ten years of Kamala Harris?

Again, thanks to Mike Davis, here’s a reminder of the 22nd Amendment scenario that would allow Harris to serve two four-year terms.

The 22nd Amendment was ratified in 1951, following President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency.

Roosevelt was re-elected four times.

His presidency began in 1932 and lasted until 1945.

The amendment limited the presidency to two terms and stated that serving more than two years of someone else’s term counts as a full term.

However, serving less than two years of someone else’s term does not preclude an individual from running for president for a second time.

If Biden resigns after January 20th, Harris would be eligible for two more full terms.

The Western Journal cited historical examples:

For example, when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in the third year of his presidency in 1963, Vice President Lyndon Johnson stepped in and finished the last year-plus of that term and successfully ran for election himself the following year.

He was eligible to run again in 1968, but he had become very unpopular by that point due to the Vietnam War and did not seek a second full term.

By contrast, when President Richard Nixon resigned in August 1974 over a year after being re-elected in 1972, Vice President Gerald Ford became president and served the last two-plus years of Nixon’s term.

Ford ran for election and narrowly lost to Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1976, but had he won, he would not have been eligible to run again in 1980 because he had already served over two years of Nixon’s term.

The chances of Biden leaving or being forced from office before Jan. 20 seem pretty remote, so conceivably Harris could become president sometime this year and then be eligible to run for two more terms.



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