• June 20, 2024

Obama To LEAVE The US If Trump Becomes President!! [DETAILS]

I’m not putting a lot of stock in this one, but it would seem rumors are swirling that Obama will move to Canada if Trump is elected. I’m not a Trump supporter, but that’s definitely an incentive right there. I look for Obama to nest at the UN at some point, but it would be fantastical news if he left the US altogether. The entire country needs a shower.

Josh Ernest won’t confirm or deny this one, so they are feeding the rumor beast for some reason. He would only say that Obama is campaigning for the Hildabeast so people don’t have to flee America over Trump. What an asshat AND a weasel. This all started with a satire website, so take it for what little it is worth.


From the Daily Mail:

A White House aide has failed to deny rumors President Barack Obama is planning to leave the United States if Donald Trump wins the election.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest was asked whether Obama was planning to flee abroad if Trump, a man he has said is unfit to hold the office, is elected president.

In response, Earnest would only say that Obama was campaigning to ensure that no one would have to leave America because of a Donald Trump presidency.

The rumor mill first started when Canadian satire site The Burrard Street Journal carried an article saying that Obama was planning to move to Canada if Trump was victorious.

The article that started this nonsense is entitled: “Obama Declares His Family Will Move To Canada If Trump Is Elected.” It promoted a fictitious statement: “It’s something Michelle, the kids and I have discussed as a potential solution to the Donald. I have also spoken with Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau who outlined Canada’s generous immigration policy for wealthy individuals, so we’ll see.”

Liberals are so very desperate that they seized on this immediately… even some of our media outlets ran with it. Even conservative ones. SMH.

Obama is going all out to see Hillary Clinton ascend to the presidency. At a Clinton fundraiser yesterday in California, he made that clear: “Make sure she wins big. Send a message about who we are as a people, send a clear message about what America stands for. We want to win big. We want to win big. We don’t want to just eke it out — particularly when the other guy’s already starting to gripe about the game is rigged.” It doesn’t help that it is indeed rigged.

Don’t get your hopes up. Obama Joked with Jimmy Kimmel that he would stick around in Washington, so Sasha can finish high school there. He tried to be funny and it was just lame: “I’m like the old guy at the bar where you went to high school, right? Still kinda hanging around… like his shirt’s buttoned a little too low, still thinks he’s cool,” he joked. But Obama never was cool and don’t even get me started on his college records. I wish he were indeed leaving. We should be so lucky.


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