• April 16, 2024

Obama Is Trying To Hide THIS ONE HORRIFIC DETAIL About #Black Lives Matter

I am on record as saying the Black Lives Matter movement is a false-flag narrative; a politically manufactured “movement” meant to divide our nation and advance Progressive agenda items. And with almost all of the mainstream media advancing this disingenuous scheme, the American people are not getting the information they need to understand the gambit.

A sobering infographic presented at The Federalist Papers Project tells a story of politicians ignoring the facts on the ground in an effort to push their political agendas. Citing the undeniable facts that 93 percent of Black killed today are killed by other Blacks, and that 1,876 Black babies are aborted every day in the United States, the infographic points our quite pointedly that the Black Lives Matter movement is a political lie. The Black community, by statistics alone, is proved to be its own worst enemy.

President Obama and the Progressives rail on about inequity on the Black communities, even as these statistics point out the self-inflicted damage within the community. They do this to advance pet initiatives important to the fundamental transformation of the country.

While Democrats and Progressives thwart important funding for diseases such as Zika because the bill is attached to Planned Parenthood funding, they ignore that the federally subsidized abortion mills are decimating the Black community. With almost 700,000 Black babies being aborted annually, this “right to choose” is tantamount to government sanctioned genocide on the Black culture in the United States.

Black-on-Black gang crime in the urban areas of our nation is at epidemic proportions, with body counts that eclipse those of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Chicago alone, 3,000 people have been shot and over 500 people killed – mostly Black – in 2016 alone.

One story that came out of the Chicago Tribune spoke of a man, Dominice Hallom, was shot six times in less than a decade – six times – before he was finally killed by a gang bullet at the age of 27-years old. Someone in the military getting shot on the field of battle six times would be a highly decorated hero warrior. Hallom is just another statistic; another Black man gunned down by a Black man beholden to the over-glorified gang culture that dominates inner-city Black communities.v

Many, including celebrated academics like Dr. Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams – accomplished and learned Black professors at Stanford and George Mason Universities respectively – have exalted the denigration of the Black family as a major cause of this situation.

A full 67 percent of Black children grow up in a single parent household. These households are almost exclusively led by a mother in the absence of a father.

Even though Black mothers work full time jobs to provide and then instill into their children the ethos of “right and wrong,” their efforts are marginalized by the absence of a father-figure to reinforce those ethos. Sadly, many young Black men turn to their societies for that alpha influence, and in most urban areas that comes from the false machismo of the gang culture.

And with 52 percent of Black students dropping out of high school and never attending college, the unemployment rate among young Black people is necessarily upwards of 40 percent. The jobs that do exist for this demographic are jobs that limit their futures to just getting by, creating an allure to easy money, which comes, again, from the urban gang culture.

These are the realities that Obama and the Progressive race-baiters of the Black Lives Matter scheme don’t want you to understand. In fact, they don’t want those in the Black community to understand or realize these facts either.

Should the urban Blacks come to understand how Obama and the Progressives have gamed them for their votes all these years, a true anger would emerge that would bring down the progressive house of cards.

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