• July 18, 2024

OBAMA’S AMERICA: Judge Just Made A Law For Black Males To Do This Disgusting Thing To Cops

Massachusetts just made a special law for black males that gives them the right to do one disgusting thing to police, and the reason for it is even worse than the new rule itself. Since it was decided in the Supreme Court, there is no appealing it and citizens are in more danger because of it.

As if the job of a police officer was not difficult and dangerous enough, a judge just made it harder for them by granting an advantage to thugs who he feels are “disproportionately” targeted. Ignoring the fact that black males commit more crimes than any other group of people and are stopped by cops for that reason, the court decided that they literally needed a leg up on law enforcement.

If a black male in Massachusetts wants to run from police, there is nothing a cop can do about it now because of “racism.” The Supreme Court decided that they have a legitimate reason to run from cops, and it cannot be used as evidence against them that they have committed a crime by fleeing since the court feels like they are running out of reasonable fear of police who target them for being black.

Cherry-picking from data that shows officers questioned more black males than whites, a defense attorney on the case convinced the court that this particular group of people is unfairly targeted and run to avoid being racially profiled — whether they have committed a crime or not. Before now, if a suspect near the scene of a crime ran, it was considered “reasonable suspicion” for police to be able to detain the individual for a brief time to investigate. Although that seems very reasonable, the court didn’t think so since it could potentially hurt a black male suspect’s feelings for being “profiled.”

People who have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong don’t run from the scene of a crime to escape the consequences. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court just paved the way for racist thugs to change more laws in their favor so they can commit crimes and get away with it because of their skin color. The rules being changed for one race is in fact racist, not the laws that allow cops to do their job and protect innocent people.


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