• July 21, 2024

Oh Boy….A Guy Tried Putting Erection Cream On His Lips, And What Happened Will… [VIDEO]

From fake dark circles to soap brows, TikTok has birthed numerous beauty trends that are, at times, plain outrageous. Adding to the list, user Jerry Mal‘s review of applying erection cream on the lips for a plump pout has now received over 3.5 million views. Since trending online, doctors and experts have voiced their concerns about the new beauty routine as many commenters showed their interest in trying it out themselves.

In the video clip, the male beauty blogger is dangerously seen applying erection cream to get fuller lips. Mal wanted a plumper pout to his lips and so decided to try the erection cream to see if it could make his lips swell to unnatural levels. He is seen smearing the cream all over his mouth. But doctors call the beauty trend unsafe and “utterly ridiculous” and should be avoided at all costs.

Sharing no logical reason behind his actions, he says, “Basically, I saw a movie and this girl put erection cream on her lips and it made them really big, so I wanted to try it. I forgot what the movie was called but here we go.”

He adds, “So it’s been like five minutes, and they look bigger but I’m going to wait five more minutes, and I’m going to eat my pizza.”

The man wipes the cream off after just three minutes, saying it is burning his lips.

“It’s been three more minutes and I said I was going to do five, but it’s burning really bad, so I’m going to take it off and we’ll see. Oh my gosh, I kind of like it, I’m not going to lie,” he says.

Following the video, doctors and other experts have strictly advised against the usage of erection creams on lips, Times Now reports. A doctor issued a video about the same, saying that “these products were never meant to be used on the lips where you could easily ingest them. So it’s not safe to do.”

Another doctor, Ross Perry GP & Medical Director of Cosmedics said,

“Putting erection cream on your lips in a bid for a fuller pout is utterly ridiculous and can be extremely dangerous for a number of reasons.” He said that such individuals could suffer from soreness, blisters, swelling, and painful skin. “Other side effects from the absorption of the cream as it goes into the body can create headaches, blood pressure problems, and even possible heart problems,” he added.

Needless to say, do NOT try this at home!

Watch the video below: 

Source: AWM

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