• September 21, 2023

Oh Boy, Biden Just Said The Quiet Part Very Loudly Again!

Joe Biden has been a disaster since he stepped into the White House.

The man is a bumbling, mentally deficit mess and it is just getting worse by the day.

Joe cannot string together two coherent sentences together most of the time and when he does achieve that remarkable feat, it is often something he was not supposed to say out loud.

That is the bright spot of Joe’s train-wreck of an administration.

Joe has a tendency to become too honest which is quite the change considering that Joe has lied for most of his life.

That honesty was caught on camera recently when Joe made startling remarks that have many Americans feeling rather jumpy.

Biden said that he needs more money for the “second pandemic” that he promises us is coming.

Oh, I am certain your Handlers will make sure it’s coming, Joe.

This one will be called the “Midterm Mail-in Ballot variant.”


Here’s what people online are saying:

“It’s almost as if he knows they’ll be a second pandemic because he’s going to cause it.”

“It’s called the midterm variant AKA mail-in ballot scheme for the midterms.”

“The quiet part out loud!”

“He said that very confidently; no stammer or stutter. That tells me they are working to gen up the next scamdemic.”

“Yeah…and it’s gonna hit about October. Right before the November mid terms.”

“Another pandemic? How does he know that? BC the Dems are planning it for Nov 22? Most likely.”

If COVID had been some “naturally occurring” pandemic that wasn’t shrouded in politics and power grabs, I’m sure folks would hear those words, and think, “Oh, he’s being very thorough and protecting us…”

After everything we’ve been through, we hear those words and think, “Oh, they’re rigging another election and resetting globalism again.”

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