• June 24, 2024

Oh Dear, Joe Biden Has Been Caught Sniffing Babies Again…

On Monday, Joe and Dr. Jill threw a Halloween celebration for kids from area public schools and military families in the South Portico of the White House.

Although she looked more like a rat than a cat, Dr. Jill informed the kids she was dressed as her cat, Willow.

As he handed out candy to the kids, Biden showed excessive enthusiasm. The man simply couldn’t control himself. He had to sniff the infant.

How come Biden never learns?

Before departing Finland for the United States this past summer, Vice President Joe Biden came over to a small gathering of individuals gathered on the runway. Before leaving Finland, he went on a sniffing binge and stroked a little girl’s face.

Vice President Biden promptly sniffed the kids hiding behind the fence. A little girl’s arm was bitten on and her hair was sniffed by him.

It scared the kid to death.

This is not normal behavior at all!

Serioulsy, I wouldn’t let my kid or anyone else child near this pervert.



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