• October 2, 2023

OH, PLEASE: NFL Blames THIS For Bad Ratings… Not Kaepernick And Other NFL THUGS -YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS!

On the ‘off-chance’ they’ve got it wrong, they might want to spend some of that money on a focus group or two… while they still have enough cash to do it.

Why won’t people watch our sport like they used to?

Your ratings are getting killed. You have excuses. But you don’t have answers.

Here is the Tweet with the official NFL memo:

Duh, could it have anything to do with the way you’re running a storied institution into the ground?

Or maybe that you will reject the things your fan base values — the police and 9/11 memorials, for example, but dress up in pink, and become a laughingstock during the anthem.

Your viewers out in ‘flyover’ country don’t really appreciate being taken for granted. Your television product — you might remember — ultimately serves the VIEWER. If they stop tuning in, your ad space becomes worthless. And so do your high-profile player contracts.

You can cater to the egos of millionaire athletes with an axe to grind…

Or you can give the audience a product they actually want.

Eventually, you’ll to have to choose.


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