• July 16, 2024

Oh The Irony…: Liberal Activist Susan Sarandon Goes SHIRTLESS At The SAG Awards

Susan Sarandon took the stage at the SAG awards to talk about stars that had passed away recently. However, what really caught the crowds attention was the fact that she wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Instead, she was sporting an open blazer and black bra, giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘SAG’.

She began her speech by saying, “My dear friend David Bowie once said: “All clichés are true. The years really do speed by. Life really is as short as they tell you it is.” Those words resonate when we’ve lost someone who made a special impact on us.”

“So now let’s pause to remember some of the actors whose earthly voices have been silenced, but whose brilliance and creativity still speak in the unforgettable work they’ve left behind,” she said.

We can’t take anything she says seriously. Just recently she was defending her stance on the Second Amendment. “The right to bear arms was referring to muskets. Maybe it’s time to re-think our gun policy on this day of slaughter in Colorado.” We don’t even know what to say to that.

Patriots Beacon