• July 16, 2024

Patriot Mike Lindell Just Revealed Some Absolutely TRAGIC News….

Mike Lindell has a heart of a lion but he is still pretty much broke in the financial department.

Lindell, a fierce opponent of those he says stole the 2020 presidential election, relentlessly sought “truth.”

He claims that doing so has now cost him everything – at least everything material. It hasn’t diminished his resolve to pursue his goal.

The MyPillow CEO has been financially crushed as a result of an apparent harassment campaign by some in the mainstream media and many on the left.

They’re preparing a sequel to his first book, “What Are the Odds: From Crack Addict to CEO,” no doubt. They’ve buried him in millions of dollars worth of lawsuits.

Lindell is being strangled by Smartmatic, Dominion Voting Systems, and a Dominion employee named Eric Coomer.

In the words of NBC News, “All three claim their reputations were damaged by Lindell’s repeated fantastical claims of fraud around the 2020 presidential election.”

They are pursuing Lindell’s blood because he is tenacious. The attribute is generally beneficial to his business success as well as his personal survival out of the depths of drugs and alcohol.

This is not the case right now. All of the legal expenditures required to defend himself in these lawsuits have financially crippled him. He can no longer afford to pay his legal bills to defend himself.

He owes Parker Daniels Kibort LLC millions of dollars in back taxes. The small litigation and trial firm in Minneapolis can’t afford to keep representing Lindell if they aren’t paid. It really is that simple.

Lindell’s situation is far from straightforward. His grace in comprehending the logic behind the heave-ho does not negate his need for competent legal counsel.

It’s also heartbreaking to witness a man’s persecution as a result of putting himself in harm’s way. He willingly put his life on the line to defend truth, justice, and a dear friend, former President Donald Trump.

As a result, he has been subjected to assault after attack, mockery, and the threat of bankruptcy. The man’s life has been entirely upended and ruined.

“We’ve lost everything, every dime,” Lindell told NBC News. “All of it is gone.”

This level of retaliation should not be happening in our country. You should not be threatened with losing everything because your point of view contradicts the acceptable “think.”

According to NBC News, former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani owes attorney Robert Costello $1.4 million in outstanding fees after fighting the 2020 election results.

Aside from a defamation claim filed by Smartmatic, Dominion, and Coomer, the former New York mayor is now facing criminal “election interference” accusations in Fulton County, Georgia.

Despite his difficulties, Mike Lindell is forgiving and willing to fight on, especially in light of the 2024 presidential race.

We have reached the point of no return, and it is now more important than ever to find the truth and put things right. Lindell is aware of this. It’s the reason his bleak circumstances haven’t crushed his spirit or commitment to election integrity. He realizes what is at risk.

The man is establishing himself as a hero and a legend. Every American should be grateful for his efforts.


This country is going to hell in a handbasket thanks to the liberal lunatics in charge.

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