• July 19, 2024

Photo of Soldier and Hillary Resurfaces, Instantly Goes Viral When America Discovers What He’s Doing

The military overwhelmingly supports Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for president.

It could be because they’ve seen how destructive Barack Obama has been over the past eight years, or it’s because they know Clinton will not be an effective leader.

Either way, they wouldn’t be wrong.

Here’s an old photo of Hillary shaking hands with a soldier.

Notice what he’s doing with his left hand…

From Independent Journal Review:

Hillary Clinton recently drew scrutiny for a claim that resurfaced in a New Hampshire breakfast on Tuesday that she once tried to join the Marines.

The dubious claim, which even implicitly accused the Marines of sexism, brings to mind another case of military optics that might not have worked out the way Mrs. Clinton wanted it: A photo of her taken while shaking the hand of a soldier.hillary1

The photo inevitably made the rounds in chain emails and on websites for years. But unlike some stories that seem too good to be true, and frequently turn out to be false, this one appears to have substantiation.

If you look at what the soldier is doing in the photo, he is crossing his fingers. Why is this significant? It’s the POW sign for “coercion.”

From Gateway Pundit:

This US soldier flashed the “coercion” sign with his left hand when he met Senator Clinton while serving in Iraq in 2003.

The picture shows that this soldier has been through Survival School and learned his lessons well. He’s giving the sign of “coercion” with his left hand. These hand signs are taught in survival school to be used by POW’s as a method of posing messages back to our intelligence services who may view the photo or video. This guy was obviously being coerced into shaking hands with Hillary Clinton.


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