• July 21, 2024

Police Bodycam Footage RELEASED Of Paul Pelosi Attack!

The ‘assault’ scenario involving Paul Pelosi just keeps getting crazier…

Although it is only a supposition and has never been proven, many people believed that the attack narrative was a cover for Pelosi and a male lover’s rendezvous.

However, a lot of facts in this instance just don’t seem to match up.

For example, information about the suspected attacker, David DePape, who is said to support Trump passionately and supposedly lives in a California commune on a bus.

The details of the encounter are also questionable; for example, Paul Pelosi was supposedly struck in the head with a hammer and found unconscious in a pool of his own blood, yet he soon made a full recovery.

Police apparently arrived at the scene within minutes after the alleged incident, which again appears significantly out of character because they rarely arrive at scenes before 45 minutes have passed.

The police bodycam video from that night has been made available to the court as part of the continuing court processes. The alleged attacker, David DePape, is currently on trial.

I don’t sure when or if we will ever get the body cam footage, but many people still don’t believe the official account:

Trending Politics provided a partial text transcript of the police audio:

Timing based on police body camera audio:

Officers knock door of Pelosi home

(door opens)
(Officer) Hi how you doing?
(Officer) What’s going on man?
(Man) He’s good.

(Officer) Drop the hammer

(Depape strikes Pelosi with hammer)

The New York Post provided more context to the police testimony from that night:

Cagney’s body camera footage was played for the court — it showed Pelosi answering the door almost immediately.

Cagney told the court he saw the two men struggling for control of a hammer.

“They were both grabbing a single hammer. The man on the left, Pelosi, was holding the head of the hammer while [DePape] had the handle.”

Cagney’s partner can be heard on the video telling the men to “drop the hammer.”

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