• July 18, 2024


This site has spoken with an anonymous military source concerning potential plans released from various sources about the implementation of martial law in America. This source was based in the United States Air Force throughout his life. I put a question to him about the consideration of Barack Obama to implement martial law to use it against the American citizens. He simply replied to me “What do you think these urges of the military have been about?”

Throughout Obama’s term in office as commander in chief, he has effectively forced many officers to be discharged from the military. Could you see this as a potential purge?
On October 9th of 2013, Vice Admiral Timothy Giardina who served as Deputy Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command was discharged from the Military. Two days later on October 11th of 2013 the Major General Michael Carey in charge of America’s nuclear missiles was also discharged from the military.

 One of the most significance purge of the military command was Major General James Mattis who was also discharged from the military. When I used the example of this and posed the questioning about his dismissal he simply stated “ Mattis hates Obama and he labelled Obama a Dictator during dismissal proceedings.”

Another patriot who spoke out at the time in January 2013 is Dr. Jim Garrow Obama is to begin in his second term to initiate ‘litmus test’ within the military to purge leaders who will not abide by his rulings. The test was whether military leaders would command actions against US citizens or not. Those who said they wouldn’t fire on US citizens were forcibly discharged. Garrow claimed his anonymous source was one of the military’s most prominent heroes.

This allegation from Garrow is understandably from a reliable source of his. Garrow is a represented activist that spent much of his time rescuing girls from China’s one child policy, saving over 40,000 babies over the last decades. A Nobel Peace Prize nomination was awarded to him due to his charitable work. His opinion and allegation come from a reputable source, in my opinion.

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