• June 17, 2024

Robber With Gun Faces Instant Karma By Mother-Nature And Would-Be Victim

Following an alleged attempt to rob an employee early on Christmas Day, a Georgia man is in legal problems after it is claimed that he tripped on some ice and collapsed.

The suspect apparently did not notice the ice patch since he was too busy fleeing the crime scene.

Around one in the morning on Christmas Day, the Gainesville Police Department responded to a report of an attempted armed robbery. When the police arrived, they discovered what they likened to a “Home Alone” scene: the suspect lying on the ground with apparent facial injuries, and witnesses waiting for the police to arrive.

Officers spoke with the witnesses who claimed that the suspect, later identified as 30-year-old Luis Sajbocho-Ordonez, was waiting for an employee to leave a business by standing outside of it.

Sajbocho-Ordonez allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the unnamed employee as soon as he stepped outside, but he did not anticipate that the target had no intention of being robbed.

Investigators claimed that when another employee left the store, “spooking” the defendant, Sajbocho-Ordonez, the victim resisted being robbed. Sajbocho-Ordonez allegedly fired a shot out of terror before escaping through the parking lot, mercifully missing anyone.

Sajbocho-Ordonez attempted to flee the scene, but allegedly lost his balance when he stepped on a piece of ice. Sajbocho-Ordonez went flying once he struck the patch of ice and landed on the ground, just like the “wet bandits” from the movie.

Just like Kevin would in the movie, the victim and witnesses took advantage of the situation to move in on the alleged offender and prevent him from getting up. While they waited for the cops to show there, they allegedly also grabbed two weapons out of Sajbocho-Ordonez.

Sajbocho-Ordonez was approached by police, who then arrested him for aggravated firearms assault and armed robbery. They made sure he received medical attention for his wounds when they had him in prison for the incident.

The Gainesville Police Department announced the arrest on Facebook and poked a little fun at Sajbocho-Ordonez in the process.

They wrote:

“Like a scene from Home Alone. Fortunately, no serious injuries occurred and the perp went to jail.”

Investigators are still working on the case and noted that additional charges are possible but did not report what those may be. It is possible that Sajbocho-Ordonez may not be legally allowed to possess firearms or they may have been listed as stolen.

The Gainesville Police Department did not report whether this was Sajbocho-Ordonez’s first arrest. They also did not advise if he was still in custody or if he was able to bond out of jail following his arrest.



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