• June 24, 2024

Schools Are Now Changing The ABC Song And People Are Seeing Red….

Every kid and adult knows that in learning the alphabet song, you must conquer the lettered stumbling blocks of “LMNOP” — or “elemenopee.”

But a new spin on the classic alphabet song to make that five-letter sequence easier for kids to learn is enraging the internet.

“ABC” purists everywhere took to social media to express their displeasure with the remix that slows down the letters and changes the rhythm of the second half of the song.

Writer and comedian Noah Garfinkel posted the song on Twitter and said that the new version of the ABC song is “life-ruining.” The tweet has over 7.2 million views and almost 100,000 likes.

Meanwhile, another version of the ABC song went viral on TikTok, wherein Jess sang the new ABC Song.

With this, parents shared lots of comments about the change and illuminated the internet with their very strong opinions about whether or not a school should try to rewrite the famous song that teaches millions of children how to recite their A-B-Cs.

So far, the clip has been viewed millions of times and has accumulated more than 75,000 shares and 2.2 million comments.

As Jess sings the new alphabet song, instead of lumping together the letters “L M N O P,” the new song only lumps together “L M N,” which means that the tune gets shifted to a different rhythm. Jess continues to sing the rest of the letters in a tune that does not resemble the tried-and-true classic.

According to AWM, with over nine million views on TikTok, Jess has been able to reach a massive audience with her outraged reaction to the new ABC Song.

“DON’T FIX WHAT’S NOT BROKEN!” reads one comment.

“Old version is way better,” wrote another user.

“I REFUSE to accept this,” said another comment.

“This hurts my brain,” said another comment.

However, some viewers understood why the change was made. One user explained it very clearly for all to read.

“It’s, so kids don’t say L-M-N-O’ ellemeno,’” one user said, “but that’s how we’ve ALL said it.”

Source: AWM

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