• July 21, 2024

She Said She Was Removed From The Plane Because Her Breasts Were Too Big…

An Instagram model says she got knocked off her flight because of her 22-pound boobs and now she’s threatening to sue the airline.

This week, Toronto-based influencer, artist, and self-proclaimed “plastic surgery addict” Mary Magdalene spoke out against American Airlines after the major U.S. carrier allegedly refused to let her stay on a scheduled flight for “looking too explicit.”

Venting out her anger on her social media page, Mary said she was escorted out when attempting to travel from Toronto to Dallas, Texas on May 31.

“I got kicked off tf light [the flight] for how i look, please stop discrimination please this is disgusting i feel so emvarrassed and [dehumanized right now], u guys have no idea.”

Mary Sebastian Pickles Magdalene

The model claimed in a subsequent post that she was pushed out after being seated, on a $5,000 ticket. The model added that she is not accepting the reason given by the airline crew, which was because she wore headphones and ignored instructions from the flight attendant.

Magdelene noted that all of the woman’s staff (whoever that may be?) were on her side and that she would be proceeding with legal action.

The model said she finally made it to America on a later flight but is clearly still angry with the airline and society. She said it was discrimination against “enhanced bodies” is very common. She plans on suing them as well, so we’ll keep you updated on this ongoing story.

Here’s what she wrote in another post on June 1:

“I am safe now I am going to sue the airline! I entered America so I am just happy and grateful for that hopefully things go I smoothly here on out.”

Source: TMZ

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