• July 21, 2024

She Said The Park Threw Her Out Because Her Shorts Were Too Short….

Dress regulations have long since become a contentious topic. Everyone always seems to have something to say about someone’s attire, whether it be in public places like schools or private ones like workplaces.

Now, that makes sense if you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 firm and Steve from accounting is up in arms because he can’t wear his fur coat to work on Friday.

But when it comes to some “dress code” restrictions, things often turn out to be discriminatory. Like when a wrestler had to trim their dreadlocks to compete on the mat, or when teachers or administrators sought to humiliate one parent for buying their daughter shorts that weren’t long enough.

It’s disconcerting to think that an adult would be told by a stranger that their clothing is unacceptable, even while we would expect this kind of micro-managing when it comes to the realm of academics (because the stakes are just so low).

This is exactly what Bailey Breedlove, mother to an 11-year-old daughter experienced when she was at Six Flags in Oklahoma City.

Rules also apply in theme parks. Some organizations have explicit or implicit dress codes. Unless you’re a little girl visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World in a princess dress, most visitors to theme parks wear casual attire. Generally speaking, anything goes, although security at theme parks has the authority to disallow a visitor they feel is inappropriately clothed.

And since most theme parks offer a variety of rides and activities suitable for all ages, it’s an activity the whole family can enjoy. But instead, a day out at a theme park is supposed to be fun, Bailey Breedlove and her daughter experience the opposite.

The definition of inappropriate might occasionally vary. What one person deems “obscene” by another may be entirely okay to wear to a theme park on a hot summer day. That’s what happened when Bailey Breedlove visited Six Flags with her daughter.

Security personnel at the park approached Breedlove and informed her that her shorts were too short.

The mom was in disbelief when she was told her shorts were too short and was told to buy different shorts. Breedlove just wanted to leave. Meanwhile, her daughter sat next to her crying.

Breedlove shares it on social media, in her Facebook post stating:

“The park security proceeded to follow me and grabbed my shoulder to turn me around and proceeded to tell me my shorts were “too short”. I committed no crime and proceeded to walk to my boyfriend as I am autistic and have a hard time talking to officers. She followed me yelling and calling for backup. Then your incompetent manager showed up and began body shaming me. I was told I needed to go buy new shorts which I am not obligated to purchase anything I don’t want to.”

Breedlove also shows off her short shorts, with many people commenting that they don’t think those shorts are too short. One comment reads, Oh those aren’t too short short. I’ve seen shorter.”

Another person commented, “So ridiculous, I have seen people wear less at 6 flags, and no one said anything to them. Also, great Pikachu t-shirt!!!”

Watch the video report here: Youtube/Insideedition

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