• July 12, 2024

She Serves Dinner On A Giant Sheet Of Foil Every Night, And People Are Losing Their Minds…

Apart from doing the laundry, the one chore some people also try to avoid is washing the dishes. Mom-of-two Rebecca Cubberly is quite reluctant to turn on the dishwasher due to soaring household bills but has discovered a life hack that saves her half an hour of cleaning.

Sick of having to clean up after her family, Rebecca, from Telford, Shropshire, has come up with an interesting way of reducing the workload.

The 28-year-old mom has had enough of the tedious task of loading the dishwasher. Her hack is laying sheets of tin foil across the dinner table, and layering the food directly on top. “We like picky meals and this way is more fun and the clean up afterward was great, I had a knife and a chopping board to clean,” said Rebecca.

She posted photos and videos of her family having a Mexican night with fajitas, onion rings, salads, nachos, and sauces all scattered neatly across the table. “I normally spend about half an hour cleaning up after a meal like that and it’s a long time to spend cooking and cleaning after a long day.”

Rebecca is very happy with her discovery. She plans to make use of this hack for as many meals as possible. Then, while she is cleaning up what little there is, her husband will bathe the kids. A compromise she is most willing to make.

“It was that easy,” she said. “I told my husband to do bath time and I’d tidy up. I thought, ‘There is no washing up, so I’ll do it tonight and he can have the difficult job of doing bath time’.”

Not only does it provide extra time for herself in the evening, but her kids love it. For them, it was an adventurous way of eating, and they ate every last morsel ff the table.

“They ate every last bit, there was nothing left so I literally just had to pick up the tin foil,” said Rebecca. “They really enjoyed it. It was something fun. You can take your kids out for half term to a restaurant and it would cost £50 and this cost me a fiver. We had just as much fun as if we’d gone out. It was literally sit at the table and help yourselves to anything. It was a half term treat.”

Notwithstanding this, there were those who criticized Rebecca for polluting more. Rebecca replied that she recycles the used tin foil. In addition, this mother is convinced of the success of this method: her children ate everything, right down to the last bite!

Source: AWM

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