• July 21, 2024

She Spent Thousands On This Giant Red Ball, And Everyone On Her Street Is Jealous….

Who doesn’t adore the sound of crashing waves and the breathtaking sight of a sunset along the coast? While there are many benefits to living near the seaside, there are also some risks, such as the constant worry about natural disasters.

“If and when a major Cascadia subduction zone earthquake hits off the Northwest coast of Washington, according to some local news, there will be little residents who live there can do except run for the hills to try and take cover from a tsunami.”

And for Jeanne Johnson who lives nearly a quarter of a mile separate home from the Pacific Ocean. She was always afraid of having to leave or of seeing her house damaged. She desired another choice for herself and Trixey, her cherished pet.

At that point, she discovered something known as a tsunami survival capsule. She paid thousands of dollars to become the first American to purchase one of these life-saving gadgets.

The 300-pound, 4.5-foot-diameter spherical pod cost her $13,500. The pod cost Jeanne “less than a Harley, more than a golf cart.” Jeanne claims that she doesn’t even consider passing away anymore, which may sound absurd to some.

Thousands of people commented on the tsunami pod purchase on YouTube, and here are some of their comments online:

“Just imagine not being able to reach your pod when the tsunami hits. You would have to take it everywhere with you to be 100% safe.”

“Imagine being so scared of death that you buy a tsunami survival pod but still drive a motorcycle.”

“So you would rather be stuck in a ball under a collapsed house, cars, debris, upside down?”

“If she was that worried about tsunamis, wouldn’t it just make more sense to move to somewhere slightly further away from the coast?”

“For those wondering about oxygen, further research says the capsule has an air tank that’ll last an hour if you’re underwater… that being said, this is still a dumb idea.”

This feels like a story by The Onion. It will keep her safe for the first half-hour to an hour. After that, either she will be swept out into the open ocean, or she will suffocate via the air-tight compartment.”

 “I think I’d rather die than cram myself in that thing. Imagine being tossed around for a few days in the ocean before finally being lost at sea or suffocating death while being violently tossed around.”

Watch it here: Youtube/KOIN 6

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