• July 18, 2024

She Started Talking About Her Tips Online, Then She Got Hit With A Bucket Of Karma…

A woman who works as a waitress at one of Hooters’ chain restaurants in Savannah, Georgia, gets slammed for being ungrateful to smaller tips.

In the clip that’s been viewed more than eight million times, Ali (@alidspicexo) revealed “what we make in four hours” while working for the famed restaurant chain.

At first, she speaks highly of her generous tips, telling her 755,000 followers: “My first table, I got a $50, which was nice. It was a four-top.”

However, she rolls her eyes when saying: “My second table, I got $11.”

Ali goes on to say: “My third table I got $20, and then I got $10 from a really old couple. But, whatever.”

As other employees share their earnings for the shifts, the TikToker then discusses some of the larger tips she’s received. This included a whopping $300 Venmo deposit from one of her ‘regulars’.

Ali went on: “My fifth table, I got a $100 bill from a single guy.” Smiling, she said: “My regular just came in, and instead of giving me a tip that I have to declare, he venmo’ed me.” 
Finally, she held up receipts with a $15 and $19 tip before discussing the last table. However, $5 brought her total tip for the shift to $521. Some of Ali’s co-workers also shared their earnings. One counted out $294 after working a table of 12 and later added $45 and $60.
The federal minimum wage for tipped workers in the US is just $2.13 an hour. That means that if a server makes no tips on a full-day, eight-hour shift, they will only take home $17.04. Servers rely on tips to make up the rest of their earnings.

The video has since captivated many viewers, but some drew attention to Ali’s ungrateful attitude towards lower-tipping tables.

One wrote: “Acting like $11 is a bad tip.”

Another said: “Not you being ungrateful for $5 or $10.”

A third stated: “Imagine that old couple didn’t have much to tip but gave you the $10 thinking it was a big tip and you come here to say “but whatevaa.”

But others have come to her defense, pointing out that she isn’t paid a living wage without her tips

“It’s giving ungrateful,” wrote yet another. 

Some have even voiced envy for how much she makes.

“At first I caught myself judging, then I realised I’m just mega jealous of you!” wrote one.

“Honestly I’d work at Hooters for the tips like there not that bad,” said another. 

Watch the video below:


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