• July 18, 2024

SHOCK VIDEO: Disrurbing Footage Shows Pit Bull Savagely Attacking Puppy And Owner

This is the shocking moment a Pit Bull attacked a Beagle puppy and its owner in broad daylight on the streets of the U.S.

Although short, the video is undeniably hard to watch as the Pit Bull savagely locks onto the pup and clenches down with its teeth and paws.

A crowd of people desperately try to drag the Pit Bull away with one man even kicking the dog, leading the person filming the incident to shout ‘don’t kick it’.


The owner of the Beagle pup can be seen on the ground screaming and crying in terror and pain, and when the Pit Bull is eventually pulled away, the owner can hardly stand up she is in such shock.

Fortunately, the Beagle was left with just a few scratches, and the owner with a bloody nose – however, the pair of them seem utterly scarred by the horrific incident.


At the moment, it is unknown what had happened in the seconds before the video begins, but it looks like a completely unprovoked incident.

The controversial argument surrounding whether Pit Bulls are dangerous or not continues to rage on – although videos such as these will certainly come as no surprise to most.

Pit Bulls are controversial because they were created just a few hundred years ago by breeding Bulldogs and Terriers together to create fighting dogs for blood sports.

2011 11 30 Pit bull on Ellerbe Creek TrailWikimedia
I’m not saying Pit Bulls are all bad and should be banished from our streets but like any dog they can turn nasty when they’re in the wrong hands. And as this savage video shows, their strength is formidable.

Hopefully, the Beagle and the owner are recovering well from this shocking attack.


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