• March 4, 2024

SHOCKING New Evidence Just PROVED that Hillary Clinton is the Head of the Mafia!

Look, Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a career criminal. She steals, murders, and abuses anyone who she sees as a “threat.” Well now her criminal spree has come back to bite her in the a*s…HARD!!

We have just come across a series of documents that, when combined with the newest Wikileaks drop, prove beyond any doubt that Hillary was accepting ILLEGAL bribes while Secretary of State. She is the head of the Clinton Mafia!


Let me break it down for you…

  • This week, a new string of emails from Hillary Clinton’s best friend Doug Band state that he helped Hillary Clinton acquire Millions of Dollars while she was Secretary of State.
  • The same emails ALSO revealed that Clinton took another $400,000 in personal gifts from foreign leaders and business leaders.
  • We took a look into Clinton’s own accounting recorded during her time as Secretary of State in which she doesn’t disclose receiving ANY gifts of donations.

***According to the National Legal and Policy Center, failure to report certain gifts in a financial disclosure form could violate the Ethics in Government Act or the Federal False Statements Act.

Now tell me that does not seem worth noting. If Hillary Clinton really wasn’t doing favors for people, she would have disclosed the BRIBES she was receiving.

You know as well as I do she has already ordered Google and the Mainstream Media to scrub this story from existence. That’s why its up you, by fellow Patriots, to share this out and expose her CRIMES to everyone!!!


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