• July 21, 2024

Someone Reached Up Her Skirt At A Bar And She IMMEDIATELY Showed Him It Was A Bad Idea….

It may seem obvious, but grabbing random women at bars without their permission isn’t OK. It’s assault. But what seems obvious to us isn’t all that obvious to everyone. So when one Twitter user shared a photo of the guy who allegedly harassed her during a night out on Twitter after she was done with him, people kinda loved it.

32-year-old Krystal Olsen, a New York bartender who was assaulted by a customer, took to Twitter to share her awful experience, and based on her recount of the tale we’d say she handled the situation like a true badass.

She captioned the shot: “This guy grabbed my ass, I dragged him out in a chokehold, he slammed me into a wall. And is crying like a b*tch when he got arrested.”

It was a weekend night and loads of young adults were letting off steam at the bar where Krystal and her team worked. It was a vibey place and everyone was in a relaxed mood, some clearly too relaxed… with their manners.

Still, customers came and went and Krystal made sure that they were all attended to promptly and efficiently. One table, however, seemed to be entrenched in their celebrations for longer than the others.

The group of young men had been sitting and ordering drinks from early in the evening and they were still there many hours and even more drinks later. It had become a booze-fuelled event and the men were becoming rowdy and getting louder.

She had been diligently serving the drunken party drinks all evening, which was obviously an alcohol-fueled weekend for them. One particular member of the men decided to reach up her skirt and grab her behind. Clearly being an act of assault, it left Krystal understandably fuming.

Apparently, in Arizona, a customer thought it was acceptable if he gropes a female bartender without consequences. It was evident he totally underestimated Krystal as she immediately lashed back.

As a result of Krystal‘s bravery and badass self-defense moves, her tweet quickly went viral, with several men and women taking to social media to congratulate the bartender on her quick thinking.

“If more men got their a**es beat for harassing/assaulting women they’d learn quickly that a woman’s body belongs to no one but herself,” a commenter shared.

“I have three daughters. I hope they do the same,” wrote a dad.

“You are awesome, and I want my daughter to grow up to be just like you,” another user wrote.

In fact, the US Department of Justice explains, “Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient.” Krystal was well aware of that law and made very sure she would not tolerate his violation of her body.

Source: AWM

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