• May 30, 2024

Ted Cruz Just Took Jim Acosta And Burned Him To A Crisp!

Ted Cruz just caught poor Jim Acosta off guard and roasted him to a crisp with one hilarious tweet. Life lesson for Jim: never leave yourself open to a Ted Cruz zinger.

Now that President Trump has been “removed” from office by millions of lawless mail-in ballots and other illegal shenanigans,

Jim Acosta is now trying to remake his image into a serious “journalist” right after President Trump has been “removed” from office by millions of lawless mail-in ballots and other illegal shenanigans. It’s hilarious because he was once the zany and unserious White House “court jester” who “beclowned” himself daily.


After behaving like a dutiful little progressive clown for four years straight, Acosta is now being rewarded with an in-studio weekend gig on cable news’ biggest joke channel – a place where ratings and facts go to diiiieeeeee….the fake news king: CNN

Acosta now has his own little “show-ish” thingy on the weekends. The CNN veteran was set loose on new terrain. As part of an overhaul of some parts of CNN’s daytime schedule, the network gave Acosta five weekend hours across Saturday and Sunday that he hopes to turn into a place for deeper dives into important stories and long-form newsmaker interviews The move gives more weekend hours to two news veterans, Acosta and Pamela Brown. It’s his first crack at being a full-time anchor. That’s according to Variety and it’s absolutely right.

CNN is like an awkward backyard play that 3rd-graders put on, where the only people watching are miserable and embarrassed parents, who just have to cringe and bear it.

So anyway, gone is the “clowning” Acosta, desperately looking for #Resist retweets and “likes,” and now, we have this more serious, news-focused version of Acosta, who’s out to show the world that he’s the next Dan Rather (the grandfather of fake news, by the way).

But Ted Cruz isn’t gonna let that happen so easily. He still has some “clowning around” to do with poor ol’ Jim.

When Acosta tried to send out a simple tweet about communist Raul Castro stepping down from power, it all went to hell in a handbasket. Ted was right there to fire off a zinger, which Acosta probably never saw coming.

Here’s what Jim said: “CNN: Raul Castro steps down as head of Cuba’s Communist Party”

And here was Ted’s hilarious response: “…will become a reporter for CNN.”

Ha ha ha ha, perfect.

There’s no better way to take down an enemy than to mock them relentlessly with good, well-placed humor.

Ted Cruz is fast becoming the best “troll” we’ve got. He’s really good.

And even though the left loves to hate him, they also begrudgingly admit that Ted Cruz is one of – if not the smartest man in DC…and, while I don’t have any official data to back this up, I’d say Jim Acosta is one of the dumbest men who has ever worked in DC, closely followed by Eric Swalwell.

Sources: WayneDupree, Variety

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